Friday, November 7, 2008

Introduction to the Blog

We welcome you to this blogsite which is dedicated to the memories of all nationalities that fought and fell in the battlefields during the second world war on Libyan soil. The site seeks to show modern day photographs and comments of the trenches, armaments, graveyards and battlefields where many fell during the war in Eastern Libya. It also seeks to put forward articles in the Arabic language about how Rommel directed his forces in the battlefields. It does not seek to glorify any particular personality or national army, but rather to show the areas of where many fought and fell. Till today many Libyans continue to suffer from landmines in the areas around Tobrouk and along the eastern region of Libya. Just as many allied and axis forces fell then, many of our Libyan sons and daughters continue to fall in these battlefields today from the remnants of unexploded explosives. War is a terrible price to pay either by the opponents or by those caught between the opposing forces. May peace come to this land and future generations learn to solve their differences by discussion and conversations rather than by armed conflict.